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Military Question

I don't know if anyone could help with this, but any input or even if you could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

I'm working on a story that involves military in the US. Does anyone know around what rank in the army a person would be if he was a model soldier but wasn't the type to really excel or anything? He's not outstanding on the field or anything, but he's very much by the book and his heart is in his job. I just have no clue around what rank a person would be like that. He's 34.

And also how does school and military work together? Does one do both at the same time? I'd like for him to have BA in something, but I don't know how that works. As you can tell, I'm a bit dumb when it comes to the military.

So if you could help, in any way, I'd appreciate it. It will help focus me in my research. Thanks :)
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Question on Cameron Mitchell's Military Career

Do we know when he became a colonel? In any of his flashbacks, is he a colonel? I'm going to be writing a backstory fic for Cameron, and I'm trying to figure out if he was a lt col before the accident defending SG-1 in Lost City or after when he received the metal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what sort of leave an active duty military member would be able to take, or if they would be able to take leave at all, upon returning to their regular Stateside posting after doing a tour overseas? Would/could they use what leave they've got banked? Could they use all the thirty days the Air Force website tells me they get at once?

canon check: moons?

Has the show established whether Atlantis' planet has any moons? If so, do we know how many?

I seem to recall someone having an icon of a spire with a moon in the background, but I think that scene was on Asuras. I can't remember for certain.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!! :D
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Daniel's thesis?

Do we have canon information on what Daniel's thesis may have been? In Forever in a Day we learned that Dr. Rothman his research assistant for his thesis, but what IS his thesis?

I don't know if this is common knoweldge and I'm lame or if it's a valid question.

I mean, he has degrees in linguistics and anthropology and archeology. But we never hear.. the thesis.. I don't know. Blah.
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(no subject)

Hopefully this post is okay! Does anyone have links to the discussions (with pictures) about Rodney's diplomas (the one with the blown up pictures indicating they contain the name Ingram) and about John and Rodney's bedrooms (I remember that they had pictures of all of the various screenshots of their rooms over the course of the series, just can't remember where this was)?

Massive thanks in advance!