So some time ago, I downloaded something purporting to be a font for the Ancient system of writing. I'm afraid I've forgotten whence.

And then, looking at the picture of the Ancient writing on Wikipedia's page for the Ancients (provenance uncertain), I notice that it believes that this is "x" and that this is "q," which is exactly backwards from the values assigned by my nice if bare-bones font.

Does anyone know which one is correct? Is there an authoritative source? Should I just note "these two letters are reversed in some texts, nobody really knows why?"

(And by the way, this is clearly a writing system designed to be written by the left-handed, you'd think it'd go right-to-left.)
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Prometheus and Daedalus -- names?

Does anyone know whether the names were chosen solely with respect to their mythological bearers, whether they are a nod to Macross, or whether both instances are a reference to something disgustingly famous that I'm just not getting? Because both names in succession seem a little too apt to be pure coincidence, but I haven't located a common source yet.
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Timeline for Prometheus and/or other such ships

Hello everyone! I'm hoping you can help me with a bit of canon.

Was the <i>Prometheus</i> built and/or in use before season one of SGA/season eight of SG1? If not, which ship was it? I basically need a ship that was of the same type that would have been in use shortly before the Atlantis expedition left, but I can't remember when those ships were first built.

Any help you could give with this would be awesome. Thank you in advance!
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quick question on military language

So, I know that when you're asking someone to repeat themselves on the radio, you say "say again," and that "repeat" means fire again. But what if you're repeating *yourself*? Would you just say it or would you say something like "Blah blah. Saying again: blah blah" or "Blah blah, I repeat: blah blah"?

Also, is there any way to know if the iris is closed from the other (going through) side? e.g. if you threw something through and it hit the wall? I don't think there is, but maybe I'm wrong.

Thanks in advance.
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SGA/SG-1 Timeline Question

I know that Daniel was going to go on the Daedalus in 9x01 "Avalon: Part 1" to Atlantis.

However, it didn't seem to me to be that first rescue mission with Everett as the leader, rather it appeared to be one of the following travels with Caldwell in command. Thus, Daniel's arrival (if he had managed to go) wouldn't have been "The Siege III." Of course, that's only an assumption, since I haven't watched "Avalon: Part 1" in a while. If someone disagrees and can point out that yes, it was the rescue mission with Everett, just kick me. *grin*

Does anyone have an idea of when the Daedalus's arrival would have been set in the Atlantis timeline?


I have no ear for accents. I do well to tell the difference between British and American ones, but anything more complicated than that and I go all to pieces.

Yet people commonly make guesses as to where people are from based on their accent, or declare that X cannot be from area Y because he has a Z accent.

Has someone made a list (for people like me or for ESL speakers or anything) of who on Atlantis speaks with what accent? It would be useful.
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Tac Vests and Bullets

So, somewhere once upon a time, I ran across a post about the uniforms the SGA folks wear and what you might find in the pockets of a tac vest and so on. And now I can't find it. Because I was wanting to know the identity of the tac vests they wear to get some idea of bullet-stopping ability.

Basically, I'm wanting someone to get shot and I want it to be pretty serious and scary. And, hey, I've written people getting shot, in the torso, before and it never even occurred to me to wonder whether that's likely, but suddenly it occurred to me as I was working on this story. And, well, is it likely that someone wearing a tac vest like the offworld teams wear could get shot in the torso and actually have it penetrate the rib cage or should I go for another location?