allaire mikháil (allaire) wrote in sg_research,
allaire mikháil

What need would Atlantis have of an applied mathematician?

In short, I want to write a crossover between Stargate: Atlantis and Numb3rs.

Now I only need to find a compelling reason why the SGC would aggressively try to recruit Charles Eppes, one of the main characters of Numb3rs and, in that universe, a young mathematical genius and professor of applied mathematics at the fictional California Institute of Science.

Charlie is famous for applying mathematical concepts to real-life situations in his position as a consultant for the FBI as well as for various other government agencies (also the NSA, among others). He uses math to solve crimes and works closely with an expert on quantum physics, his friend and mentor, Larry Fleinhardt (who has written a paper on zero-point energy and traveled to the ISS as a payload specialist). He's also good at statistics, combinatorics, and cryptanalysis.

Various crossovers I've read usually have Charlie come to Atlantis either to help Rodney McKay in figuring out how to create and/or recharge ZPMs, or in decyphering a cryptic note left by the Ancients, leading the Atlanteans to some kind of Ancient treasure trove of tech.

Frankly, both options have been done often enough. I'd prefer to aim for something new, but my "Eureka!" moment is eluding me.

Does anyone of you (provided this comm still gets read at all) have an idea for me? Why would Atlantis need Charlie Eppes? Why?!

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