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but I'd like to know whether the Morgan le Fey in it was identified solely as Morgan, or whether she had another (Ancient) name as well (as Moros did, unless he was meant to actually be a grandfather or something).
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Yes, she does. It's "Ganos Lal" or some such. It comes up again in The Quest, part 2, if that helps.
Yep, "Ganos Lal". :-)

And Moros = Myrrdin = Merlin
I've actually been assuming that Moros-as-Myrddin is a misidentification on SG-1's part, and that Myrddin was in fact a direct descendant with a strong facial resemblance to Moros, as it seems overly contrived to me for the Ancients to go back to Earth and ascend the moment they got there; surely, had they been on the point of Ascending, they might just as well have done it from Atlantis and saved the power in the ZPMs.
Yeah, it gets a bit hinky. But it is the same canon. They do explain it a bit better in Season Ten,, don't read the rest of this if you want to remain unspoiled for Season Ten (I just found you via the sg1_debrief).

Moros and Ganos Lal were on Atlantis 10,000 years ago or so (I start losing track around the multiple millenia). They eventually ascended sometime after escaping back to Earth back when Atlantis was abandoned (SGA "Before I Sleep?" whenever that was supposed to have happened). For some reason Daniel was able to find Myrddin's name as a name of those who fled Atlantis 10,000 years ago (Avalon Part 1) Maybe his name is Myrddin Moros or Moros Myrrdin. I dunno, that's where canon's a bit funky. Anyway, Moros got annoyed with the Other ascendeds and re-descended around the time of King Arthur era. And then...well...a lot of Season 9 and 10 is SG-1 trying to figure out what Merlin and Morgan Le Fay were up to. :-)

That was probably TMI, wasn't it? Sorry.