better watch your ace (cinaed) wrote in sg_research,
better watch your ace

SGA/SG-1 Timeline Question

I know that Daniel was going to go on the Daedalus in 9x01 "Avalon: Part 1" to Atlantis.

However, it didn't seem to me to be that first rescue mission with Everett as the leader, rather it appeared to be one of the following travels with Caldwell in command. Thus, Daniel's arrival (if he had managed to go) wouldn't have been "The Siege III." Of course, that's only an assumption, since I haven't watched "Avalon: Part 1" in a while. If someone disagrees and can point out that yes, it was the rescue mission with Everett, just kick me. *grin*

Does anyone have an idea of when the Daedalus's arrival would have been set in the Atlantis timeline?
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