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Rodney and Area51

I'm working on a fic at the moment and I have a few questions on Area 51 and Rodney's involvment there

1) What does it look like? the only impressions I have are from Redemption (I think. the SG-1 ep with the cool yet not ready to fly yet plane) and the small clip we got in The Return. (links to caps would be great, but words are cool too)

2) What did Rodney do there, before he went to Atlantis? and what about during the Return, do we actually know how high up the ladder he was? I know he has his own team, but does that mean he has a boss as well, like if he wanted to take leave would he have to tell someone (during the Return)? and who would that be? do we know?

3) If you wanted to communicate with people within Area 51 how would you do that? do they have a radio system? intercom? something else? do we even know?

any and all help is greatly appreciated :D
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