SG Atlantis Light (sgatlantislight) wrote in sg_research,
SG Atlantis Light

Tac Vests and Bullets

So, somewhere once upon a time, I ran across a post about the uniforms the SGA folks wear and what you might find in the pockets of a tac vest and so on. And now I can't find it. Because I was wanting to know the identity of the tac vests they wear to get some idea of bullet-stopping ability.

Basically, I'm wanting someone to get shot and I want it to be pretty serious and scary. And, hey, I've written people getting shot, in the torso, before and it never even occurred to me to wonder whether that's likely, but suddenly it occurred to me as I was working on this story. And, well, is it likely that someone wearing a tac vest like the offworld teams wear could get shot in the torso and actually have it penetrate the rib cage or should I go for another location?
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